Udtaelser fra tidligere samarbejdspartnere

“John have, probably with his extensive travel around the world, gained rich experience in reading and understanding multi-cultural people, and his expertise in project financials, setting goals, motivating resources towards higher performance and developing trust based relationships have helped him achieve better results in 100% outsourced service delivery. It has been pleasure working with John for last 8 years in highly engaged and motivating environment. John leave a positive impact on human relations.” Varma Dantuluri, Manager, Accenture Bangalore office

“I min tid som leder for John har han haft ansvar for Finance og Supply Chain, hvor jeg har haft stor gavn af hans ekspertise specielt i relation til anvendelse af offshore kapacitet til udvikling og vedligeholdelse af vores applikationer. Jeg har også haft John til at gennemføre en transition fra managed service til en capacity agreement model, hvilket gik overraskende smertefrit.” Christian Dahl Nielsen, IT Development Director, TDC

“I know John Schmidt since last 10 years as my client counterpart in his role of ‘Client Capacity Manager’. John possess very good skills of onshore-offshore co-ordination, that is key to a success for any organization working on onshore-offshore model. He understands complex dynamics of this onshore-offshore model, so well that team at both (onshore and offshore) never felt that they are apart. I would strongly recommend John, as that would definitely bring lots of more values, that you never thought of in this complex model.” Rushi Sheth, Manager, Accenture Pune office

“This is really a great learning experience working under John. He always focuses on building a highly motivated and transparent team, that can face any challenge and overcome them with competency. He also emphasizes on breaking the cultural and geographical barrier though strong collaboration among the team.” Surajit Roy, Manager, TCS Kolkata office

“I have worked with John since 2010, where he was managing the offshore team set in India as a Capacity Manager. I have benefited from his creative problem-solving, tireless work ethic and his willingness to do, whatever it takes to create an atmosphere for team to perform at it’s best. His technical capability combined with keen understanding of Culture and a sense of Humor, helped him to deliver projects within timelines. We looked up to him in difficult situations for directions, and often we received innovative solutions based on his past experience and Mathematical background. ” Pradeep Bettegowda, Manager, Accenture Bangalore office



John Schmidt